The Foot and Ankle Service

The Foot and ankle service receives referrals from GPs and other Health Professionals. The service focus is on foot and ankle problems, however sometimes Knee, Hip and low back problems may benefit from and assessment from a foot and ankle specialist.

What is the Foot and Ankle Service?

The Foot and Ankle Service forms part of a range of services provided through the Sussex MSK Partnership. It is a service provided by clinicians, such as Podiatrists, with specialist knowledge and skills in caring for patients with Foot and Ankle conditions called Extended Scope Practitioners. The aim of the service is to provide patients with a high quality Foot and Ankle service that is based in a variety of settings, usually away from main hospital sites.

The following information provides more detail about how the service is run, what you can expect and how to contact us.

If you have a diagnosis which does not have a leaflet above, then please contact our clinical support team on
0300 303 8063 and they will work with our clinical team to find you some more information.