Wellbeing Advisors

Horsham and District Wellbeing hub is a ‘one stop shop’ for information and signposting to health and wellbeing services in the local area. People can also get support for things like doing regular exercise, dealing with stress, kicking the habit or simply improving general wellbeing.

Telephone: 01403 215111 (Monday-Friday 10am – 4pm)

Email: info@horshamdistrictwellbeing.org.uk or complete a referral form and a member of the team will contact you.

For more information, please visit: http://horsham.westsussexwellbeing.org.uk/

Weight Management 

Why Weight
This is a free service for residents within West Sussex who are looking to take control of their weight and create achievable goals towards leading a healthy lifestyle. We have accessible adult and child lifestyle services for families with children aged between 5-19 years old and programmes that will support overweight children and young people to reach and maintain a healthier weight.

For all inquiries, please call 0300 123 0892 or email: wscc.whyweight@nhs.net

Weight Off Workshop (WoW) is a GP referral scheme
WoW is a 12 week weight-management programme run by Horsham Wellbeing. The programme consists of weekly hour and half sessions over a 12 week course that combines nutritional advice with low-level physical activity.

To qualify for WoW you must be over 16 or over, have a BMI (Body Mass Index) of over 28, have a desire to commit to the programme and be able to make the weekly sessions.

To refer, please complete the Weight Off Workshop referral form or contact Horsham Wellbeing on 01403 215533.

Physical Activity

The Right Track Programme – Possability People

Is a local organisation working in partnership with healthcare professionals to help you reduce aches and pains and improve your general wellbeing. Being active, getting out and about, meeting friends, doing activities, joining groups, can help to reduce pain and improve general wellbeing. Living with pain can make it difficult to get started. Right Track can support people with that challenge. Right track links adults who experience these conditions, and their carers, with the vast range of support in the community and voluntary sector.

If you would like to know more about Right Track, please contact the Right Track team on donna@possabilitypeople.org.uk or 01273 208934.

Horsham Wellbeing Service has Physical Activity Coordinators available to help people return to fitness or activity by finding new activities and setting goals. To find out more about getting more physically active with the support of a Physical Activity Coordinator please telephone: 01403 215111 (Monday to Friday 10am-4pm).

Email: info@horshamdistrictwellbeing.org.uk or complete a referral form and a member of the team will contact you.

Exercise Referral is aimed at individuals who are not used to regular exercise, or who are recovering from, or dealing with, a health issue.

After a referral by a health professional, a co-ordinator discusses the reason for referral and develops a programme to match their aims and abilities. The service is available at local leisure centres in Horsham District.

Telephone: 01403 215111

Information leaflet: http://horsham.westsussexwellbeing.org.uk/

Looking for something to do in West Sussex? Its Local Actually can pinpoint an activity that’s perfect for you: 

Local Stop Smoking Services

There’s a free local Stop Smoking Service near you. Studies show that you’re four times more likely to quit with help. Developed by experts and ex-smokers and delivered by professionals, your local Stop Smoking Service provides expert advice, support and encouragement to help you stop smoking for good.

It offers free one-to-one support along with stop smoking medicines, which are available for the cost of a prescription. When asked if they would recommend the service, 9 out of 10 smokers who’ve used a local Stop Smoking Service say they would.

  • Smokefree West Sussex  – please make this to the following link (this should also be the link for Crawley and Mid-Sussex)

More information:

Emotional Wellbeing

Horsham and District Wellbeing hub offer a mental health service for adults in Horsham and District.

To find out more, please visit: http://horsham.westsussexwellbeing.org.uk/topics/healthy-mind/local-services

Patients can self-refer by contacting Horsham District Wellbeing on 01403 215111.