Current Community Service Waiting Time Data (weeks)*

AP Pain 8 9
AP Hand & Wrist 6 8
AP Hip 9 8
AP Foot & Ankle 9 9
AP Shoulder & Elbow 6 8
AP Spine 7 8
AP Knee 8 7

* Referrals considered urgent are generally seen within 1 week for the community services and 2-4 weeks for physiotherapy.  This  is determined at triage given the information on the referral and in accordance with our referral criteria.
* Recovery plans are in place for all pathways that are exceeding 6 weeks.

AP = Advanced Practitioner. These are clinicians who are practicing at an advanced level within their speciality.

Physiotherapy and Secondary Care Waiting Times

Please find below a link to our local secondary care (hospital) waiting times.  If you would like to know the waiting times for out of area hospitals you can access this through the NHS choices website or by contacting the hospital directly.

SMSKP Waiting Times Secondary Care Template 181123-181207