Jonathan Reid: Deputy chief executive / Director of finance and estates for Sussex Community Trust

Joined the trust in December 2011 as deputy director of finance. Appointed executive director of finance in April 2012.


·       Financial management, establishing sound financial policies, procedures and reports that effectively manage the business and financial risk.

·       Leads and develops high quality finance, estates, facilities, procurement and internal audit functions that improve organisational performance.

·       Ensures financial resources are used effectively to maximise quality healthcare whilst meeting financial obligations and ensure income is maximised.

·       Ensures our estate is managed efficiently and effectively, and in compliance with all statutory and mandatory requirements.

·       Ensures soft facilities management services (transport, portering, catering, housekeeping and switchboard) are managed effectively and efficiently, developing to meet changing needs.

Previous experience

Jonathan is a chartered accountant with almost 20 years’ experience in public finance. He trained with the National Audit Office, and then worked with the Audit Commission. He has held senior finance roles with NHS Brighton and at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals NHS Trust.

Jonathan holds accounting and treasury management qualifications from CIPFA/ACT.  He is chair of the South East Coast Technical Issues Group, a trustee of Brighton Citizens Advice Bureau, and treasurer of the Homefield Park Development Group.



Siobhan Melia: Director of partnership and commercial development for Sussex Community Trust

Joined in May 2015. 


·       Marketing and market development.

·       Communications.

·       Commercial projects, including
– Bid development
– Contract close
– Mobilisation.

·       Commercial partnerships.

·       Innovation, enterprise and income generation, system architecture, customer relationship management, public / staff engagement.

Previous experience
Siobhan has a clinical background having worked as a podiatrist, before moving into senior clinical leadership and managerial roles within the NHS, including a board level position as professional executive committee chair at Berkshire East Primary Care Trust. Then moved into a strategic business leadership role and became deputy managing director/director for business and strategy at Berkshire East Community Health Services, before gaining commercial experience in the private sector. Returned to the NHS in 2013, and has a particular interest in improving outcomes for patients through new commercial developments, developing strategic partnerships and enabling staff to innovate.



David Gilbert: Patient Director 

Joined in June 2016. 


This is a new and pioneering role in the NHS.  David has strategic leadership of how the Partnership relates with patients, carers and the communities we serve, including:

·       Learning from what people think of our services (patient experience)

·       Patients as partners in care decisions  (Information, choice and shared-decision making)

·       Helping people  look after themselves and care for their own condition (supported self-management)   

·       Patients as partners for change  (patient and public engagement; patient leadership)

Our partnership wants patients, carers and citizens to be able to work with us as equals – to plan, design and help deliver our services.  We want to set a helpful example to the rest of the NHS.  We want to avoid tokenistic and ‘tick-box’ approaches which don’t make real changes and which can give engagement a bad name. If you want to be more involved,  please contact David.

Previous experience

David has 25 years’ experience of working in patient and public engagement at local, national and international level and was Co-Founder and a Director of the Centre for Patient Leadership and the NHS Centre for Involvement. He is a former mental health service user and is also Director of InHealth Associates ( that supports patient-led improvement in healthcare. You can also find him on Twitter: @DavidGilbert43.

David Gilbert photo