Looking after yourself

We have updated our general health information, which can now be found in one page here If you have a musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions, you should be in control of your own health as much as possible, be supported to look after yourself and help manage your own conditions. We do our best to make sure this […]

The latest news from our Patient Partners

Recently our patient partners met at Stamner House to reflect on some of the innovative work tey have been doing and will be sharing some of their work at our up and coming SMSKP Conference. Jenny Preece, Jane Watts and Iris Keppler will be sharing with staff how it feels to be a patient partner.  […]

Find your Right Track to Wellbeing

Do you want to get out and about more, but find aches or pain with your muscles, joints or bones stopping you? You’re not alone. Around 10 million adults in the UK live with conditions such as back, hip, or shoulder pain, osteoporosis or arthritis. Doing what matters to you, whether that’s meeting friends, shopping, […]