Service Leadership Recognised for Innovative Work

Sussex MSK Partnership Deputy Managing Director, Natalie Blunt and Patient Director, David Gilbert have been nominated for the KSS leadership awards. The event is an opportunity to open a discussion about working in Communities of Practice. KSS celebrate innovative and transformative project in the health and care systems. The nominations recognise the transformative work that Natalie and David have been doing across the MSK service, which aims to put patients in control of their health journeys.

David has been nominated for the Patient and Carer Partners Network – Ley Engagement Award for his work with Patient Partners in Sussex MSK Central. We asked David what this nomination means in regards to his work.

“Traditional ways of involving patients – merely as feedback fodder for reports that gather dust on the shelf, or so-called ‘representatives’ slotted into institutionally rigid committee structures – are not fit for purpose, have little impact, waste money and preserve the status quo. If we want to focus on what matters, or enable patients to be more in control, we need to mirror that with opportunities for patients to be at the decision making table. To have real power and influence. I am delighted that the role of Patient Director has been recognised for the breakthrough that it is. It has been the key that has unlocked wider benefits – developing a new approach to engagement that centres on a pool of inspirational patient partners, each of whom is becoming deeply ingrained in improvement work. It is they who have helped develop fantastic relationships with staff, reframed problems, generated new solutions, shifted relationships and have begun to change practice.”

Natalie also shared some reflection on what this nomination means to her. She has been nominated in the Emerging Leader category.

“In truth, it is very humbling to be nominated for the KSS Best Emerging Leader award and surprised and delighted to be shortlisted. I have spent virtually my entire adult working life in healthcare in the Sussex area, so to be recognised through an organisation such as the KSS Leadership Collaborative is such a lift. I feel over the years I have worked alongside many inspiring people, been provided with some amazing opportunities and worked hard to make the best of these. I consider myself very fortunate to have joined Here 6 years ago, and to continue my development through the transformation of MSK services with Sussex MSK Partnership. An individual can only thrive as part of a good system, and it’s easy to get passionate about your work when it speaks to your core values and surrounded by people that share these. I would like to extend a special thanks to Jon, who not only sent the nomination but also has been such a supportive mentor for the last couple of years.”

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