The latest news from our Patient Partners

Recently our patient partners met at Stamner House to reflect on some of the innovative work tey have been doing and will be sharing some of their work at our up and coming SMSKP Conference. Jenny Preece, Jane Watts and Iris Keppler will be sharing with staff how it feels to be a patient partner.  We would also like to take this opportunity to share some of the other amazing work that the patient partners have been involved in.

Lindsay Whittaker and Lesley Preece are currently working on what being a patient partner involves and developing role descriptions and person specifications using the learning they have gathered from the last years worth of work.  This is a key peice of work that will help staff and patients work together well.

Lindsay is also involved in the redesign work of the fibromyalgia service.  Having patients at the heart of this work enables us to create systems that truly meet the needs of the people they serve.  Lesley and Cherry White are also helping to support the pain pathway redesign work.  Another of our patient partners, Norman Webster, is a member of our Clinical Quality Group.  This group is a key part of our governance structure which ensures we are delivering safe and effective services.

Leading on this exciting work is our Patient Director David Gilbert.  David is currently working with our clinical support staff to grow a culture of empathy and responsiveness to patient needs.  By working alongside reception staff and call handlers he is supportng them to step into the shoes of patients and learn from every interaction about how we can create systems and processes which hold the patient at their heart.

David is also working with NHS Improvement, developing a national network for Patient and Carers to be partners and leaders in the the services they use.  To read more about this and other projects visit