The Sussex MSK Partnership Values

Our values were co-created by over 100 members of staff and patients and reflect what’s important to us individually and as a service. Every year we  take time to come together to reflect on what they mean to us, how we see them in action and what we need to do to bring them more to life in daily life in the service.

Keeping these values in mind and reflecting on them regularly helps us to stay focused on what really matters and support us to deliver a service we can be proud of.


Integrity and transparency

‘Visible decisions and shared goals’

Autonomy / proactive and accountability

‘Responsible and response-able’

Respect and compassion for patients and colleagues

‘Seeing the whole person’

Learning and development for all

‘Bringing out the best’

Innovation and creativity

‘Leading the way’

Positivity and passion

‘Celebrating success and team work’

The annual workshops are hosted by the SMSKP Culture Club which was born out of the 2014 Vision and Values workshops and exists to champion the values and lead projects that come out of the annual workshops. Our membership includes people from all parts of the service and everyone is welcome to join us.