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Henry Smith MP visits Sussex MSK Partnership Central

We welcomed Henry Smith MP to our physiotherapy department in Crawley Hospital on Friday 30th June 2023.  

Visiting Crawley Hospital sits close to home for Henry, who campaigned to prevent it being downgraded in the 2000s. He also visited in 2015 for the unveiling of a new Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) scanner, helping to provide detailed images to assist in the diagnosis of muscle, bone, and joint conditions.  

On his visit, Henry said “the real innovative work that Sussex MSK Partnership are doing is very impressive. This service is very much at the cutting edge of wrap around, individual care for patients in a flexible, friendly, and accessible way, both in the hospital and out in the community. I think that’s making a real difference in terms of treatment for MSK patients, their wellbeing, their mental health, and their ability to still engage fully in society.”

The SMSKPC service was first launched in 2014 and has continued to run out of the hospital since. Over the last 8 years, we have managed over 485,000 referrals, serving the population of 700,000 people across Central Sussex: Brighton and Hove, Crawley, Horsham, and Mid-Sussex with support for their MSK needs. 

Most recently, we delivered an innovative Community Appointment Day with a unique objective: to break away from traditional healthcare boundaries and experiment with a new model; no squeezed appointment slots, no closed doors.  

The day provided nearly 300 routine physiotherapy patients a comprehensive range of MSK services, including assessments, advice, health promotion, rehabilitation and community and voluntary sector support, all in a non-medicalised environment. These services were conveniently located in the K2 leisure centre, bringing together a range of resources tailored to the specific needs of local people.  

About Henry Smith MP 

Henry has been a Member of Parliament since 2010 representing Crawley constituency. In 2016 Henry helped to found, and chaired, the Blood Cancer All Party Parliamentary Group. Currently he is a member of the Foreign Affair Committee and in 2020 founded and chairs the Future of Aviation All Party Parliamentary Group. Henry Before entering the House of Commons, in public life he was Leader of West Sussex County Council from 2003 to 2010. 

About Sussex MSK Partnership Central 

Sussex MSK Partnership Central is a joint venture between Here, & Sussex Community NHS Trust. This is a prime contracting model supporting musculoskeletal (MSK) health for a population of 650,000 covering physiotherapy, orthopaedics, rheumatology, and chronic pain. The service operates across central Sussex; including Brighton & Hove, Horsham and mid Sussex and Crawley. 

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